Surrounded By Nature In The Outdoors Is Where I Belong

As a young man, my father encouraged my enthusiasm for the outdoors exposing me to camping, fishing, backpacking, hunting and skiing. If he were with me today, I would thank him profusely for setting me on my path. I am happiest when immersed in remote natural environments.

When I summit a mountain or hike an uncharted path, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment and wonder. Absorbing the beauty of pristine landscapes overwhelms yet calms my soul. Wading in a river enticing Brook Trout with my fly rod, is my happy place.

My Professional Life

On the other side of the coin, I am interested in technology. My love for music and early desire to be a musician lead me to technology. After tinkering with electronics as a teenager and realizing I would not be a successful  musician, I turned to technology for a career. Each step serendipitously led to another. I gained valuable skills in audio, video, production, and networking preparing me for my current position as the technology director of a resort.

Blending My Skills...

My present desire is to merge my love of nature with my technological capabilities. The only clear way to combine these opposites is through art. A high school class in photography was my first introduction  to an art form which still brings me joy to this day.

Photography is the thread I use to stitch nature to technology. Exploring remote natural locations affords me awesome opportunities to record the beauty of the earth in pictures. Seeing the wild world through my camera lens restores my focus and connects me directly to the present moment. With my camera in hand, I am called to the solace of the outdoors to capture these beautiful points in time.

Future possibilities excite me. I am interested in creating video content to bring you along on my journey to becoming a better photographer and into the beautiful places I explore.